AA Logic

Copper Test Equipment Tools, Controls and Devices

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Custom solutions for mounting OSP Cabinets, aerial balconies and Wi-FI pole mount brackets.


Cable Pulling Lubricants, Degreasers, and Cable Cleaning Preparation Products

Condux V

Overhead and Underground Cable Placement Equipment


Safety Products for use in Construction and Maintenance Work Zones and Various Tools for the Utility and Arborist Industries


Manufactures a full line of enclosures, indoor, outdoor cabinets and shelters from Interrupted Enclosure Solutions to Integrated FTTx Solutions


Canvas and Fabric Products for the Power Utility, Gas Utility, Construction and Telephone Industry


Optical Test Products for Communications, OTDR’s and Hand Held Optical Test Sets, Westover Product Line of Fiber Optic Inspection Kits and WaveReady Fiber Exhaustion CWDM/DWDM


Multi-Celled Textile Innerduct, Designed to Meet the Complex Needs of Today’s Network Construction


Pulling, Measuring, and Detectable Tapes and Equipment for the Placement of Tape into Occupied Duct Systems

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Manufacturer of pads and below ground enclosures for telecommunications, electrical, CATV, water, traffic, lighting, and industrial applications


Manufacturer of HDPE for Outside Plant Telecommunications and Power Utility

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Manufacturer of PVC Pipe, Bends and Fittings, Boregard and Multi-Cell for Outside Plant

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Manufacturer of Interconnectivity Solutions for Optical Networks and Systems Manufacturing including FerruleMate and HandiMate Cleaning Products, Connectors, Restoration Polishers, Attenuators and Custom Patchcords